Forthcoming Events

We hold regular events for our parents, carers and children and see these as a really great way of keeping in touch and making sure that you feel part of your child’s nursery care.

Planned events are set out below. Speak to our teams to find our more details .

9th January 2018 - Our monthly session of fun and games with Tracy and our good friend Jo Jingles at 2.00pm.

18th January 2018 - Songtime and dancing with Gerri from Debutots at 2.00pm

22nd January 2018 - Parents Evenings will be held. There will be scheduled meetings for all parents and their child’s key person to discuss their learning and development as well as further areas to develop.

29th January-2nd February 2018 - Story Telling week; where we are encouraging parents and family members to come in and read stories with our children and staff.

31st January 2018 - A new adventure begins as we have invited Linda from Stretch and Grow to come and play some fun games with us as we learn how to keep fit.

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