Welcome to Ambourne House Day Nursery

main The Learning Environment

The nursery is divided into three sections where the children are grouped appropriately according to age and ability. The Baby Unit and Toddler Room is located on the ground floor and the Pre-school is located on the upper floor.

In all sections, environments are designed to create a feeling of homeliness, whilst offering stimulating and challenging spaces which children can use flexibly. Equipment, toys and furniture have been chosen to suit the needs of the developing child. On a weekly basis environments are carefully planned by staff to ensure that a varied range of activities and equipment are available and accessible.


In the Baby Unit, younger babies are cared for by full-time qualified members of staff in their own quiet, yet stimulating room. There, they receive the individual attention, re-assurance and continuity that babies need to feel safe and secure. Staff nurture babies as they explore their new world, responding sensitively and quickly to individual needs. We offer a wide range of stimulating toys and activities and a safe environment for babies as they start to crawl and walk. Older babies are given the opportunity to integrate with toddlers in order to make a smooth transition from one Section to another.


The Toddler Room is an exciting place for exploring! It has been specially designed with toys and equipment that support and promote children’s rapidly developing skills and physical abilities, across all areas of learning. Within this environment, staff support children’s social skills as they learn about themselves, others and the world in which they live. They also encourage their growing independence and learning in preparation for their further adventures into the Pre-School.


Our Pre-School offers a challenging and stimulating environment, which enables children to become confident, successful and independent learners who are fully prepared for school. Two large playrooms have been carefully planned to cover all areas of learning, whilst a smaller room offers children a quieter small group environment. Staff utilize and enhance these areas and associated resources to empower children to think for themselves, solve problems, work with others and gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works.

Outdoor Play

We strongly believe in the importance of physical exercise and outdoor play! We have two large outside play areas to the rear of the property to which children have access every session. To us, the gardens are additional areas, which offer endless opportunities for children to explore nature, enjoy planting, continue learning and have fun! We are very aware of the dangers of over exposure to the sun, therefore, you will be asked to sign a form giving us permission to apply sun cream to your child. We also ask you to supply a (named) sun hat to keep at nursery during the summer months.