Welcome to Ambourne House Day Nursery

Standards and Policies

Health & Safety

We firmly believe that the safety of the children is paramount and were delighted to receive an ‘outstanding’ grade in this area from Ofsted. We have all the necessary policies, procedures and systems in place regarding Health & Safety and regularly consult with a specialist advisor. We also have CCTV cameras throughout the building to ensure the safety and security of the children whilst they are on the premises. All staff are qualified First Aiders and regularly receive Health & Safety training.

Equalities & Inclusion Policy

This policy shows how we, at Ambourne House are totally committed to offering a fully inclusive environment, where everyone is treated with individual and equal concern, We aim to remove ‘barriers’, thus enabling equal access to all. We value all children, parents and staff regardless of, disability, class, colour, culture, ethnic origin, language, family status, gender, means or religious beliefs.

We welcome children with additional needs and disabilities and follow the guidelines as laid out in ‘The Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs’ and ‘The Disability Discrimination Act’. Staff promote inclusion in a positive way, creating a happy atmosphere for all children, who benefit from integration and learn a great deal from each other. Our members of staff have a wide range of skills and many years experience of working with children who have had a range of different needs.

Behaviour Management Policy

This policy shows how staff always promote and praise positive behaviour. They are always consistent when handling behaviour and act as positive role models. They encourage self-discipline, consideration and respect for others and the environment.

Safeguarding Children Policy

This policy explains how our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of all children in our care and that we have a fundamental duty to act quickly and responsibly, following appropriate procedures, in any instance that may come to our attention.