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We believe that young children are social beings and that they are competent learners from birth. We feel that learning is a shared process that parents and families are central to the well being of the child and relationships with other people (both adults and children) are of crucial importance. Children learn most effectively when, with the support of knowledgeable and trusted adults, they are actively involved and interested. They learn to be independent by having someone they can depend on.

All children at our Nursery follow The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - a framework created by the Department for Education and Skills, to support children’s development and learning from birth to age five.

Within the EYFS the areas of learning we promote are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication, Language and Literacy; Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Physical Development and Creative Development. At all times the emphasis is firmly placed on play and exploration.